Possession is 9/10th of the law

“Crazy” is a label that people who haven’t experienced an ounce of trauma in their stable lives, ascribe to people who have lived through several circles of Dante’s Inferno.  Labels are diagnostic codes that insurance companies use to process claims.  There is no such thing as crazy.  There is however, such thing as evil; and I know this because I dated him.

Back when I read M Scott Peck’s People of the Lie in college, Peck distinguished mental illness from evil, it piqued my curiosity.  Being the Catholic girl terrified from watching The Exorcist (Warner Bros. 1973) I headed down to the local library to find Malachi Martin’s Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans.  It made me wonder if there was any truth or substantiation to a supernatural realm.

I spoke to my parish priest, Fr. John Walsh, who often incorporated one of my favorite authors, James Joyce into his homily. I asked him outright, his thoughts about evil incarnate.  Hocus Pocus…. myth….the old Rite of Exorcism, some Pre-Vatican II  antiquated bullshit……or did he believe that it could happen.  Demonic possession and the like.

His answer was not what I had anticipated.

He told me a story of how he was going to a man’s home who was elderly to deliver the Eucharist, as he was a shut in, and when he got to the doorstep he felt a heaviness in the air.  A coldness.  And as he approached the steps an unseen force…..something threw him back.  Literally pushed him off the doorstep to the ground.  To this day he states that it was not wind or anything visible that he could account for it.

When I asked a dear friend a Monsignor, the same question, I got a completely different response.   Told that the Rite of Exorcism isn’t used anymore.  And that today people see psychologists.

Two very different priests, two very different answers.  A schism within the same community.


When I began dating my now ex-Daddy Dominant, one of first times we had sex, we began talking as we started fucking and I said to him,

” I feel like I’ve known you for a long time and yet that’s impossible.  But I feel so comfortable around you…..your eyes seem so familiar like I have seen you somewhere before, isn’t that strange.”

He said as he thrusted deeper into me, “I have known you your whole life….”

I replied as I laughed, ” but I”ve only just met you recently”

He cackled, “Oh no, I’ve been watching you since you were a child.”

I stopped moving and grabbed him.  I sat up and said “who the fuck are you”

he laughed, “Oh, I have many names”

my blood ran cold right then.

He then flipped me over began fucking me again and sunk his teeth hard ad he could into my shoulder and as I screamed he sneered,

“God can’t help you now……………………..no one can help you.”

Driving home later that night, I was thinking to myself, that maybe I would bring my laptop with me next time.  All of a sudden my cell phone rang at the exact moment and it was him and he said, “you should bring your laptop with you next time you come.”  The hair on the back of my neck stood up.   Could he read my thoughts or was it a mere coincidence.  What were the statistical odds.

My heart still serves him; long after he’s dumped me.  Makes me wonder who the fuck he really was….is.

One thing is crystal clear though, he was a nefarious liar.  A Narcissistic Sociopath.  And put simply, he is evil personified.

God CAN help me, if I help myself out of this mess.

11 responses to “Possession is 9/10th of the law

  1. This is pretty damn frightening and makes you think about the reality of true evil. Have you seen the Exorcism of Emily Rose? It highlights the debate between religion and science. Thought provoking. Thanks for sharing this.


    • The movie was based upon the real events of a young woman named Anneliese Michel.

      If you want to hear the actual audio of her exorcicm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4n9vK0_mdk

      I don’t believe they video taped it, or if they did the Catholic Church/ family will not release it.

      There is an interview (with subtitles) with her mother narrated by a priest which I found more interesting:

      Very tragic story really. Whether you are a skeptic or not.


  2. Thanks for the reply. She was such a beautiful young girl. So sad. I started to listen to the audio of the actual exorcism, but couldn’t do it. I felt like if I did, that spirit could come into my home. That’s all I need. LOL. Fucking creeped me out–and I am hard to creep out. Thanks for the links.


      • Lexi, I couldn’t believe it when I read this post; so many times I thought JC was the devil himself. There were the times he was sweet but once I knew him for awhile I could see the thin veil covering the pure evil even then.

        Not that he ever said he knew me from before or hurt me sexually like your ex,but we had so many weird unexplainable events happen to us. The ghost we had in the house at Hatzic, an evil entity in the warehouse I wouldn’t even go in the warehouse alone, and I knew he would kill me without any remorse, but I didn’t leave. I have watched him change right before my eyes, and watched the inner battle rage within him; as if he had the good angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other side and they were fighting for his soul. I can’t even describe it.

        And I too feel as if I sold my soul to the devil, at times the pure evil of him would take my breath away. The night I went out to the barn and looked every where for him and called for him and then in the darkness I saw the red glow of his cigarette; the chill that went through me is indescribable. His sister said too that it was as if he knew exactly what we talked about when he was gone and he could disappear and reappear without a sound. One time she said to me she 1/2 expected to see him levitating outside the window and she kidded about putting a stake through his heart.


      • It’s freaky isn’t it. I think people with addiction (myself included) are battling a spiritual war. I personally believe in a spiritual realm.
        I believe in unseen forces at work and yes supernatural, preternatural. I believe in evil. I also believe that the deeper people get into their
        addiction, the more their soul leaves, the more evil surrounds them and if time passes eventually it takes over. In theory, I guess it could come in,
        perhaps invited in a way, perhaps taken by storm. Either way, the person is not the person they used to be.

        I’ve seen shit I can’t explain.

        There is evil and there is mental illness and they are NOT the same.

        I have been around both. The former is disturbing and chilling, the latter just sort of bittersweet and sad like any disease.


      • You are so right! My dad is/was an asshole who screwed around on my mom and ran the house with an iron fist. The man who took my virginity was a lying, cheating sick asshole. I’ve dated assholes, I’ve met assholes, I’ve dealt with assholes, I CAN deal with assholes, but then there is evil. I don’t know how he got that way but one time he told me he had seen and done things that forever change someone and he didn’t want to drag me down there with him.

        I used to think sometimes he was fighting the evil and then other times I thought it was just him trying to hide the evil. But either way I think he’s past the point of return. I believe there are angels among us and there is evil tempting us and we all have choices to make. I believe that sometimes a person “sells themselves” to the devil and if they are a narcissist and don’t have a conscience like most people it is easier for them to succumb to the temptations of the devil and eventually they can’t come back.

        Seemingly good things can happen because of the devil’s work and a person ends up worshiping the wrong side. JC’s father told him that watching a show or reading a book with supernatural content opens the mind for evil to enter.

        When my son was 17 he got involved in drugs and crime, I had kicked him out but we were still close and he knew he could come to me if he was in trouble. He showed up one day driving a black SUV, I immediately felt like the devil himself entered my home. It was more than the vehicle was stolen; it was evil. He had 24 hrs to get rid of it. JC was all over it, sold my kid down the creek, long story, but I ended up going with my son with all the money I had and all my jewelry and “buying” him time and then shipping him out of the province. JC kept the black beast.

        I told JC that it was evil that we were inviting the devil into our home and as long as that Suv was in our possession no good would come to us. He drove it like he owned for months and in that time I lost my job, he lost his job, our phone was disconnected, nothing went right.

        When I finally convinced him to turn it in, the very same day that we handed it over to the police we weren’t home an hour and there was a knock at the door and it was a guy offering JC a job. He’d been trying to phone but of course couldn’t get through so he drove over.

        It’s far from being possessed by the devil but on a small scale it proved to me once again there are good and evil entities at work all the time.

        I also witnessed good forces come into his to fight for his soul but they always lost.

        Scary shit, that I don’t share with everyone because most people think your crazy.

        I believe what you’re saying.


      • few people believe it exists, evil that is. or good for that matter. any sort of spiritual realm.

        the world has become so secularized and marginalized, people so isolated, that’s the perfect playground for
        evil to run rampant.

        doesn’t take a genie to realise we live in a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

        you are one of the few, guess we’re in good company but few company LOL


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