Oatmeal, it’s the wrong thing to do.

Remember that guy , that bald guy that did that breakfast commercial,   “Quaker Oats, it’s the right thing to do” Wilford Brimley or whatever his name was.

Well you know that Oats and fiber are supposed to be good for your body and so I got those some of those Fiber One bars. Which are made of you guessed it, oats and fiber.  Those little butterscotch whatever yummy tasty caramel kind. I thought well if one bar is good for you, maybe like two is good, and three is even better.    Yeah,  so I ate like 5  Fiber One bars.   I ate nearly the whole fucking box.  Before you go judging, chillax, they’re tiny in size.

Let me just tell you it was like Hiroshima in my intestines.   Oh my God.  I almost shit my pants.   Then, when I finally made it home, I couldn’t leave the bathroom.  I must have gone like 25 times in a day.   I was shackled to the toilet all day and into the night.  It was more powerful than any laxative I’ve ever taken.  Those bars should be prescription only.

Just think about that, while your eating your little fiber bar.   Don’t be fooled by it’s sweet caramel goodness and tiny portion size….. It’s the devil.

My ass is still sore.

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