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Happy Birthday Jesus

Let us not forget the real reason  for the season and why we are celebrating today.   Amen~

Colonoscopy “prep” by MasterCard

4 Rolls of toilet paper                        $  4.59

1 Pack Lime Jello cups.                      $ 2.59

1 box of chicken broth.                     $ 2.99

1 Rx for G0-lytely bowel prep after insurance copay.                                   $2.50

Look on my face after finishing the last 8 oz glass of that slimy, nasty, fake-ass-lime-flavored gallon of Nagasaki-in-a-bottle, that I had to drink every 15 minutes for almost 3 hours, to clean out my colon, so the doctor can feed some “flexible” scope the entire length of my colon tomorrow morning………..


(There better be a gold star in this for me somewhere, because that Go-lytely did NOT go lightly)

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