I am still ticking the days off.

It feels like one day in recovery is like 7 dog years or some shit.

I have met so  many wonderful Recovery Partners (RP).     They are my life lines.  They help me and save me from my screwed up brain, talk me down off the ceiling when I am triggered.  Talk me out of my unhealthy deluded thoughts, denial, or gently help me with reality checks so I don’t end up making mistakes that could cost tremendous pain, or worst yet, my recovery.

My first RP I met on this blog.  She will always be special, for she is the one who brought me to the meetings which are saving my life.   She suggested to me to try 90 days of NC and see how I do.  Rather than me focusing on “forever” that suggestion seemed “do-able.”   I am so glad I did.   The fog is already beginning to lift.  I have the infancy of clarity happening.

Today marks two weeks of NC (No contact) with the ex.

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Read all about my journey (and musings) of recovery from both complex childhood trauma and incest, it’s manifestation in my adult life through maladaptive behaviors like BDSM, self-injury, eating disorder, substance abuse and toxic relationships; one with whom was a Narcissistic Sociopath. View all posts by Lexicon Lover

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