I could have dated Charles Manson

I was watching an old interview with Manson in prison where he was singing.  It was more rare footage.  I have to say that is charismatic, enigmatic, energetic, articulate, intelligent, creative, artistic.    He possesses just about every quality that captivates me.    There is this way he drew me in even watching him on the TV screen.  Hell, I was enjoying watching him how fucked up is that?  He is supposed to be a villain.  A devil.  Evil incarnate….

I can see how a girl of 19 could have been easy prey for him.   Not even 5 minutes into the interview I was so engaged and taken by his charm I had almost forgotten that he was responsible for the murderous rampage of the Sharon Tate and her unborn baby.   Which made me shudder.

But then I ponder….. just as sociopaths find their prey in a crowd, seeking out the weak ones.   Maybe the inverse is true.   Maybe prey seemingly seek out their predators……albeit unconsciously.

It would explain so much of why I’ve ended up with the men I’ve been with in my lifetime.

Nothing happens by chance, especially not when it happens repeatedly.  That is why it is called a pattern of behavior.  It is no coincidence.

4 responses to “I could have dated Charles Manson

  1. Glad to see you back!

    I’m into fucked up guys, but not sure Manson is my type. Too available for me. Kidding. While I’ve always been attracted to guys with a darkside, usually they are pretty decent human beings at their core, just unavailable.


      • I never said he was hot, def not lookin. ew. LOL, just said I could have dated him. something about his charisma and the way he articulates, there’s that je ne sais quoi that pulls me in, that fucked up ness that I just want to ask him questions, figure out why he thinks what he thinks, understand him yanno? but then you know my story LOL.
        you’ve heard it all yanno? “some are sicker than others” I’ve got a long way to go I reckon….


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