Blogging: The New Prostitution


There once was a girl from Nantucket

Who wrote her thoughts on a blog and said fuck it.

She let it all rip

and said with a quip,

“If words were a cock I would suck it.”


We’re all selling something aren’t we….

Some people whine.

Some bitch and rant.

Some write poetry.

Some bloggers stick to philanthropy, trying to “help” others out with their self-actualized knowledge they’ve gained on their way up Maslow’s pinnacle.

Some folks are so heady that they don’t want you to really understand what the fuck they are spinning.

Still others post some one line, inane banter with a shock value photo attached to grab your attention.

Other’s  write of trying to get by day-to-day in a seemingly endless quagmire of bullshit and recovery from a lifelong battle of living in their own personal hell.

Then there are the angels among us.  Those wonderful people I call liquid Prozac.  They are so authentic and just raw, unfiltered, unpretentious folks who lay it out and you can’t help but laugh.


To all my fellow bloggers out there bloglandia,  I raise my glass.

5 responses to “Blogging: The New Prostitution

  1. Fucking love it. I’m behind in my own blogging – my mind never stops and have so much senseless diatribes to spew – but I had to give YOU a shout out on your little poetic gem. That gal from Nantucket sure gets around! Even made me wonder which bucket I want to belong in, besides the fucked up sexually charged one that I’ve created. Keep the faith, dear gal!


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