If a=b, and b= c, then it was Incest

I was thinking about the Book of Genesis……Adam and Eve specifically.

Now after Eve bit the apple and everything.

Lots of sex ensued.

Then came Cain and Abel.

From Cain and Abel there were more descendents.  Now, unless there were other indigenous folks kickin’ around those parts back in the day; which there weren’t because the whole premise was that God created only man and woman…. not men and women….

where exactly was the woman who Cain and Abel needed to make their descendents from exactly…..

wouldn’t that be sorta incest with their mother?

Creepy thought #345

*crosses fingers and hopes for indigenous people*

10 responses to “If a=b, and b= c, then it was Incest

  1. Adam and Eve had other children so at least they didn’t copulate with their mom (hopefully). Perhaps marrying/having children with siblings wasn’t a problem until several generations down the line when mutations became a problem (and when you had more to choose from). I guess if no one else were around my brother would start looking pretty good (cringe). Look on the bright side! No in-laws !


  2. Incest was actually a longstanding tradition in the British royal family until the 1800’s when most of them starting being born with serious birth defects/diseases. Finally somebody connected the dots.

    And also, you could say the same thing after the flood. All of Noahs’s kids procreated with each other as well. I guess when it’s your duty to populate/repopulate the earth, you just swallow your pride, close your eyes, and do what you have to do.


    • yes I learned that about the Royal family from 60 minutes or some other popular news magazine. It was their attempt at keeping the blood lines pure.

      alrighty then.

      explains those Brittish teeth.


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