Times have changed

Young girls have gone from getting knocked-up and getting thrown into homes for unwed mothers back in the 60’s to…

getting knocked-up and not only have mom and dad stay home and raise the child for them while they finish school;

some of these parents let them go out, date, make more babies and stay home and even breastfeed the baby for them.

Isn’t there some sort of middle ground in between the condemnation of the yesteryear and modernism?


and while I am on the subject of breastfeeding.

I saw a woman the other day who was breastfeeding her infant child (no problems here so far) but get this, then I see her older child

coming up for a hit too!  Now this kid was old enough to cut a thick steak by themselves?


is it just me….

what’s the world coming to.

rant over.

2 responses to “Times have changed

  1. I agree totally.

    In my opinion if a kid can walk up, ask for it in a complete sentence, pull the boob out and help himself he’s too fucking old!!!! I think its just not right. I could go off on a rant but I might offend someone. Its just fucking yucky.


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