I always look better on paper


There are those people who are just mother fucking talented individuals.  Charismatic as hell.   They can walk into a room and just open a can of multi-talented whoop ass and skills and bedazzle those around them.  and then there is me.

I am insecure as fuck.

I am the girl who walks into an interview nervous as shit, sweating like a pig thinking my entire resume is packed with bullshit and most of me just looks good on paper.

And when the potential employee asks the million dollar question of “why is it that I want to hire you Lexi for this position?”  I come damn near close to blurting out,

“well truthfully you probably don’t because I’m quite sure there are more talented people who showed up for this fucking interview that can do a better job and I’m really not too sure I can even last the first fucking week.”


I wonder how people get confidence.  Like where does it come from?  Can I get it at the local convenience store?

I sure as shit better find it fast, ’cause time’s running out for me.

Go ahead, make my day :)

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