Mail call


Desr Sophisticated Stephen


Whets my letter?  😊

I’ve checked everyday for over a month.

You said you were halfway through writing it last month. 😉

It must be be as long as Homer’s Odyssey by now.  Lol 😂

Out with it man!

The suspense is killing me over here!

Your friend,

Magnanimous In Massachusetts




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2 responses to “Mail call

  • Fractured Faith Blog

    It’s Fionnuala here Stephen’s wife will you please cease all forms of contact with my husband. We have tried to deal with this gracefully but after this latest stunt you have left me with no option to resort to replying to you here. We do not need or want to play your games and if you continue to do so I will be left with no other option but to report you and your account to WordPress. Fionnuala


    • Lexicon Lover

      Report me for taking part in a letter writing exchange that Stephen initiated on his blog a few months ago in which many people took part.

      Until recently I did not know that Steven had a history of catfishing women online and having it turn into a real time affair. If there’s any games being played it was on your husbands end, not mine. Nonetheless, people can be redeemed. Since 2011, my blog and my life have been an open book. I have written with honesty and candor. Stephen had explained since his transgression that he’s not allowed by you, to have any social media accounts or even email anyone. That you alone take care of all that, for the blog now.

      That said, since you have requested that I don’t have any contact with your husband; I will stop reading his blog. Neither will I be a Beta reader for his novel, as he had requested. Perhaps you would consider psychotherapy helpful, I know thst I have. Best of luck to you both.

      p.s. I’m guessing I can stop checking the mailbox now 😃


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