Politically Correct


When I went to grammar school in the mid-1970’s, we faced the flag of the United States of America every morning and said the Pledge of Allegiance.   We had a Christmas-Hanukkah party and got to bring cupcakes, we colored Christmas trees, pictures of Santa Claus, Menorah’s and Dreidels with our crayons.


We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and all wore our green clothes that day to school.  We celebrated St. Valentine’s Day and exchanged valentine’s with all the kids in our class.  We had cool Halloween parties at school and got to dress up with our costumes, eating a fair amount of you guessed it, candy.

I’m not exactly sure when everything changed and began to go FUBAR.   I guess I began noticing it when my son was in grammar school.  My first hint was when I realized my son never learned the Pledge of Allegiance.  It was too offensive because it mentioned “God” so an atheist parent complained and that was that.  His kindergarten class never have a Christmas-Hanukkah party.  A few too many kids celebrated Kwanza and one kid it was against his religion to celebrate any fun, it seemed.   You know the saying one bad apple…. So the school decided on a “Winter Solstice party.”

I got a notice in his backpack saying they could only color photocopied snowflakes because no one would be offended and no “unhealthy” snacks could be offered only fresh fruit, crackers, or popcorn.

Well hoo-hah! What a swinging time.  I know most kids want to dive into that at a party.  Sounds more like cuisine offered doing hard time on cell block H in kid-jail, than something offered at a party.

St. Patrick’s Day? What’s that? Saint what? Doesn’t exist.  Saint Valentine got reduced to “Love day.” And I was told there would be no exchanging any valentines.   They couldn’t ensure some kid wouldn’t be left out.   (That’s the anti-bullying prevention campaign at work)

Do you know that at my son’s school they hoisted the LGBT Pride Flag right next to the American Flag.  I’m all for equal rights for the LGBT community.   They are an oppressed minority community.  But what fuck is that all about?

Is it saying, ’it’s okay to be LGBT and be “out” at this school ‘cause we got your back?’  ‘Cause let me tell you, hell no! Kids are ruthless and will pick on kids for a lot less.  When I was in school kids got on picked for:  wearing glasses, not having the right clothes, being too fat, being too thin, having the wrong haircut.  But oh no, if we hoist the flag that’ll save some LGBT kids’s ass? I don’t think so.  If only things were that simple.


I got a phone message from the high school letting me know right before Columbus Day, that there would be no school in honor of “Indigenous People’s  Day.  WTF!  Can they just change the name of a national holiday like that?

My pre-schooler is being taught to sit, waiting quietly on a carpet,  legs crossed underneath and call it  “criss-cross apple sauce”, instead of “Indian style” as it has been for decades here in the U.S.  For real? This shit goes way too far.


Why must everyone walk around on eggshells? This entire country is more worried about serving up a safe, cozy, homogenized, cup of watered-down politically correct bullshit, than it is about holding fast to strong, honest, authentic opinions that God forbid might offend others.

I say let’s bring back the Pledge of Allegiance, Halloween, St. Pats Day,          St. Valentines Day and celebrate every frigin winter holiday and color all the different pages:  Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and whatever else there is.   If the parents don’t like it, let’s get old school about it, keep your kid in the library during the party, ya wet rags.





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2 responses to “Politically Correct

  • justsaltwriter

    Reminds me of a snowy day when my niece asked if we could go out and build a ‘snow person’ and I thought that idea must have come from public school. As a lover of words I recoiled at the very word.
    Snowman is such a charming and perfect word!!
    I shared that when we were kids we built it all. Snowmen, snow women, snow bunnies, snow turtles and of course: forts.


    • Lexicon Lover

      Hear hear. It’s so pervasive, thanks for sharing your anecdote. Also, instead of mailman it’s mail carrier now. Does it really matter? I delivered mail for the USPS a decade ago and I would not have been offended if someone said “the mailman is here.” People are crazy with this pc stuff.

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