Missy Misdemeanor Elliot?

This grandma blew me away.

Rapping to Missy’s ‘Work It’

WTF! I hope I can kick it when I get this old 🤣



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6 responses to “Missy Misdemeanor Elliot?

  • Carrie Reimer

    How old is she? Not as old as this grandma, I am sure.
    Funny how a person’s idea of “old” gets older as they do.
    I used to think 50 was old, when I was in my 30’s. Now that I am 60, when I clicked on the link I was expecting some 80 yr old granny to pop up on the screen. Haha


    • Lexicon Lover

      I don’t know how old she is, but I’m sure she has grandkids. By mid-50’s a fair amount do. My point is ? I think she is badass. 😈


  • justsaltwriter

    Never seen a shofar used quite like this woman is using it, LOL


    • Lexicon Lover

      Hey, I didn’t even know the word shofar until you just used it. So thank you! I was wondering what that was. In the context of her rapping it makes sense she would be carrying it with the trumpet sound she was making. She’s pretty badass, just sayin’. With your body of knowledge, you’re pretty badass! You’re dope in my book justsaltwriter!

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  • justsaltwriter

    Well, I dunno how badass I am, but thanks!! I delved into ‘Hebrew Roots’ after I left my childhood protestant faith. I have a friend who actually owns one (shofar). My friend’s friend (female) felt called by God to take her own shofar around to various churches in her town, stand up during the service, and blow the shofar as a warning that they needed to repent of their (false religion) errors.
    Talk about bad-ass…that took some courage. Wish I would have been a fly on those pews, LOL…


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