The Jig Is Up


Okay. So I totally blew the diet. I’ve been freebasing flour and sugar for like a month now, easily.

I’m not sure I have the wherewithal to try again to get back on the proverbial wagon.

I’ve noticed a few changes.  I mean other than the obvious weight gain one would expect.  I have also noticed my mood could best be described as “bitch” on steroids.   I have a short list of at least 5 people with which I’d like to take a bat to their head like a piñata.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t good thing.

Oh and salad? Yeah all the shit to make one putrefied at the back of the fridge 3 weeks ago.  I ate pumpkin pie for breakfast and dinner today.   I think I need a fucking intervention but it doesn’t look good for me.  Not with the bat and all….

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4 responses to “The Jig Is Up

  • justsaltwriter

    Have you ever heard of Matt Stone? He used to have a ton of things online for free. He basically advocated women eating whatever they wanted and avoiding all the restrictive fad diets. I think he’s gone to selling all his information now. But in the good old days he had a blog with naked ‘anorexic’ Barbie dolls vomiting into toilets. He was quite brash but he made some good points about how women should not attempt low carb low sugar diets as they mess with our hormones. Anyway- i liked following his blog years ago as I’ve never done well with restricting carbs or sugars. Just now I googled Matt Stone diet and a lot of stuff came up. Perhaps there is still a link of his somewhere that still gives out free info!


    • Lexicon Lover

      I’ve never heard of him. Dare I say, I have been known to be a bit brash. Shocking I know. I have to let my proverbial hair down. It must be my blue collar roots beneath the white collar education I earned. Hmmm ….naked Barbies vomiting into toilets, sounds like something I’d want to watch! When my best friend was a kid he made fake vomit out of water, grated Parmesan cheese, and small white bread pieces. He’d make vomiting sounds and thrn throw the mixture into the toilet. Always ensured a day off from school. I will google this Stone before I gain another Stone Lol. Thank you, as always you are so kind ❤️

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      • justsaltwriter

        I figured you might be kindred with the Matt Stone diet guru (except he doesn’t advocate diets, LOL). There really needs to be a ‘haha’ laughing emoji button instead of this like button on WordPress. You are hysterical. I laugh out loud all the time reading your posts and comments. 🙂


      • Lexicon Lover

        I’ve debated about the usefulness of emoji buttons. I’ve come down to the belief that they have their use for sure. Just as fast food has its place in the world and a well placed “fuck” in a sentence can say so much if used now and again and let’s face it, it just feels good to let it out.

        Let us never forget as writers that the pen is mighty. We can always write in our own emoji. *wink*

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