In the Aether


Thunder erupts in this living room shaking the walls, sliding furniture, rattling my bones.

covering my ears will never deafen the sound,

it doesn’t matter because I refuse to listen anymore

I am gone, yet I remain, lost in the mire.

Mom, can you hear me?

you’ve been gone almost a year

but I really need you now more than ever

you are somewhere in the aether, where celestial bodies lie.  that’s what they say anyway.

Mom, can you see me?

did you know I only see things in monochrome.  a sort of veil slipped over the world and has refused to depart.  leaving my lens a gray washed canvas.

I don’t dream anymore.

I feel dead sometimes.

Mom, do you still love me?

do you remember before you died how we made that pact, you know that one that time in your bathroom.  between just you and I.

maybe you couldn’t keep your end?

maybe I just wasn’t worth it.

Mom, if your listening, if I never see you again, I want you to know that I will love you forever.



About Lexicon Lover

2 responses to “In the Aether

  • justsaltwriter

    Beautiful poems.
    Sorry for your loss 😢
    We seem to be on a similar path, even though our stories are different, because grief and the grieving process has been on my heart and mind so much lately.


    • Lexicon Lover

      Thank you. My mom was my best friend, my compass rose, my North Star. January 17th will mark one year without her. It seems harder now than it did initially. The shock has fallen away and left me with a cold reality.

      Yes, I agree we are on similar paths. Indeed , can totally see how the grieving process is on your mind. *hugs* ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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