The Fan


Most of my adult life I’ve run a fan, even in the winter as white noise, so that I can lull myself off to sleep.   Don’t ask me where this all began.  I find it strangely comforting.  Everybody has their quirks and that is one of mine.

Seven years ago it used to drive my fiancé nuts to hear the thing humming away.  Now? He can’t sleep without it.  It seems as though I got him hooked on the appliance.  In fact, the kids both have their fans too.  My teenager likes his set on high, my pre-schooler at a whisper.

We were vacationing this past summer at the Cape and we had no fan, so I purchased a “box fan” sound from iTunes.  (Is there anything they don’t sell on there?)

Lately though, I’ve been thinking about converting back to solitude and quiet.  For whatever reason, like everything else lately, it’s starting to aggravate me.  Yup I know! Crazy right? I’m not sure if the Fab fiancé would let the fan go without a fight?   I just feel like we shouldn’t have a household full of fans blowing and humming all night through.  I need to save them from the wind vortex.

Stay tuned….

Any strange habits you’d care to share?

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6 responses to “The Fan

  • justsaltwriter

    Same–I also run a fan at night. And I either can’t go to sleep without white noise, or I wake up constantly without some form of white noise blocking other ‘sounds’. I also have a friend who does it and now her spouse is also hooked on the fan and they each have their own on each side of the bed. I have never pondered a trauma correlation until your post. Obvi, I have childhood trauma issues. My fan friend grew up in an alcoholic home. Her spouse’s childhood was similar. Perhaps this fan thing is an unconscious way of coping with past childhood trauma?


    • Lexicon Lover

      That’s what wondering as well. The problem is I don’t have a lot of traffic on my blog. Intriguing question. Perhaps a big name blogger could pose this to their viewers with trauma Hx. I’d really love to know! Thank you for responding. I’d like to be able to extrapolate based upon 2 people but I’m afraid there’s not enough power tho this sample. Bah ha ha ha ! 🤣

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  • justsaltwriter

    Well, if and when this fan thing becomes another ‘well known sign of trauma’ by the big blogging dogs–some of us will know that YOU thought of the correlation first, LOL


    • Lexicon Lover

      Ha! I shall don it “The use of White Noise-in patients with Hx of Complex Trauma ”. It will be used by shrinks everywhere a yet another point on the trauma rating scale, along with nightmares, hyper vigilance, flashbacks, anxiety, depression et cetera. There must be a scientific explanation for it. A neurobiological explanation for how the fan has a soothing effect. Perhaps the fan’s gentle rhythmic sound it has an effect upon the sympathetic nervous system in some way. That is my hypothesis. Just a shot in the dark…

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      • justsaltwriter

        Too funny. But there is truth in your jesting –I know I’m ultra sensitive to sounds, music, traffic noises, machines running etc. a lot of noises irritate me. But yet I like the sound of fans running??
        Perhaps a fan simulates womb sounds?? LOL.
        I’m also a light sleeper (the hyper vigilance part) — so any little noise jolts me wide awake. With a fan running I don’t hear the little noises and then I can sleep better!


      • Lexicon Lover

        I believe you are correct. Occam’s razor indeed applies here. The fan in this case probably masks other sounds thereby decreasing the hyper vigilant state and decrease an over-stimulated / excited sympathetic nervous system. I had thought about the womb idea briefly, unsure if I could remember that far back? Perhaps somewhere deep inside our brain’s limbic system, those regions can?

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