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When I was a kid back in grammar school, imagining being a superhero was often the topic of conversation on the school yard at recess.  One of the questions we often discussed was which superpower if we could only choose one, would we choose.

My life as of late often feels pretty  hopeless, unhappy, missing direction, and love seems like a phantoms I appear to chase like a filaments of smoke.  Because my life seems power-less, I have revisited this childhood question.

I believe I would choose invisibility.  I think I could learn so much using it.  Beyond the obvious few places I may go, such as see if someone indeed was shit-talking me behind my back,  I think that much could be gleaned from being invisible.

There are many places that visiting while being seen, could put me in harms way.   I’d like to go deep inside a maximum  security prison and listen to some of the most violent offenders while they talk inside their psychological/pastoral sessions.  I’d want to infiltrate the government to see just how far the corruption truly runs, for myself.   I’d like to go to the areas where the majority of people are living below the Federal Poverty Line to see where money and services need to go and learn just how tough life is day to day.   I could go fairly close to feral exotic animals and watch them without spooking them or getting hurt.

If I am honest, there is a voyeuristic streak about the whole being “invisibility power.”   I’d probably want to learn about others that are different than me; or at least different than I perceive them to be.  I’d want to follow them around for a few days.  See how they live their lives.   I’d definitely choose people from a different gender, race, color, creed, sexual orientation, or religion than myself.

Maybe after following them in my invisibility, I would determine they weren’t all that different than me after all.  Maybe I would think they were.    Sure would be an interesting experience though.

If you had one superpower for a short time, what would you choose?

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