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It’s Flu Season


When I was a kid there was no such thing as flu shots.  You just either got the flu or you didn’t and when you did it was bad.  You ended up with a cough, runny nose, sore throat, a bad case of the ”runs”, the projectile pukes, a high fever and alternating chills, muscle aches, and even shakes that felt like your bones rattled.

The difference is you never heard of kids dying from it on the evening news.  I mean, maybe they did?  Perhaps it wasn’t newsworthy in the 1970’s.

I got my flu shot today.  My arm is already sore as hell 1 hour post-injection.  Feels like I’ve thrown about a hundred baseball pitches. Hurts to even lift it.   Takes a full two weeks to develop immunity to the flu virus itself.  Of course the virus is always mutating so there is never 100% protection against it.

Mid flu season there’s always some major network news anchor that says the CDC got the vaccine “wrong” again and the shot you received won’t have much protection but that it will do “something.”

Which translates to me as “I just got ripped off with some fake ass useless BS.

Today, there are flu clinics held at both adult and pediatric facilities nationwide.   There were 80,000 deaths in the 2018-2018 flu season, 180 of those were children.

I think I will always wonder how we managed as kids to get the flu and survive it as children way back then.   Nowadays, you hear about kids that become ill with the flu and then die so quickly from it only two days later.

Is it because it’s a more virulent strain than the strains of yesteryear? Is it that modern day children have more compromised immune systems?  Not to thump on the immigration issue.  I’m okay with people coming here to find Amnesty but back in the 1970’s we didn’t have as many foreign people living here.  Is it possible that not only fauna and flora are coming over,  but also funky new viruses? Just a thought.

Last year I opted out of receiving the flu vaccine.  I managed just fine to skate through the entire season.   Which leads me to wonder in the vaccine industry is perhaps using propaganda to instill fear and then capitalize on big seasonal profits they receive from people like me who race out to get the shots.

What do you think? Is it all hype and fear tactics designed to generate revenue for Big Pharma or actual concern for children and adults who are most “vulnerable”?



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