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The Fan


Most of my adult life I’ve run a fan, even in the winter as white noise, so that I can lull myself off to sleep.   Don’t ask me where this all began.  I find it strangely comforting.  Everybody has their quirks and that is one of mine.

Seven years ago it used to drive my fiancé nuts to hear the thing humming away.  Now? He can’t sleep without it.  It seems as though I got him hooked on the appliance.  In fact, the kids both have their fans too.  My teenager likes his set on high, my pre-schooler at a whisper.

We were vacationing this past summer at the Cape and we had no fan, so I purchased a “box fan” sound from iTunes.  (Is there anything they don’t sell on there?)

Lately though, I’ve been thinking about converting back to solitude and quiet.  For whatever reason, like everything else lately, it’s starting to aggravate me.  Yup I know! Crazy right? I’m not sure if the Fab fiancé would let the fan go without a fight?   I just feel like we shouldn’t have a household full of fans blowing and humming all night through.  I need to save them from the wind vortex.

Stay tuned….

Any strange habits you’d care to share?

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