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Mc Nasty

Driving to the laundromat to do two weeks of laundry.  Yeah, that’s what major depression looks like when you don’t swallow the pharmaceuticals offered to you by your well intended shrink.  I think there was like 6 loads.  I only went there out of necessity because they have this jumbo do-a-shit-load-o-wash-at-one-time commercial grade washer there.  I had no more clean socks or underwear left. I’m depressed but the OCD just won’t let me smell I reckon, but I digress.

So I hear this McDonald’s commercial on the radio advertising for the new McBacon Smokehouse Burger.

and I started thinkin Mc What?

where’s the smokehouse?

what’s the burger made out of again?

Mc chanical beef parts?

Mc gag me.

Eating at those Golden Arches drive thru will give you a nice case of:

Mc farts

Mc heartburn

and much, much, later

a bad case of the Mc shits

who the fuck would want to eat it?

now I want to Mc puke.

but just maybe, if I can find the real hamburglar, I’ll take him home for some fun times

he’s just enough of a badass that I always seem to go for~

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