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La momma morta


Anyone who has lost their mother in death can feel beauty resonate with each note that Maria Callas sings in this aria.  Surely, anyone who believes in God can rest assured in His divine mercy.




La mamma morta.
m’hanno alla porta della stanza mia
Moriva e mi salvava!
poi a notte alta io con Bersi errava,
quando ad un tratto
un livido bagliore guizza
e rischiara innanzi a’ passi miei
la cupa via!
Bruciava il loco di mia culla!
Così fui sola!
E intorno il nulla!
Fame e miseria!
Il bisogno, il periglio!
Caddi malata,
e Bersi, buona e pura,
di sua bellezza ha fatto un mercato,
un contratto per me!
Porto sventura a chi bene mi vuole!
Fu in quel dolore
che a me venne l’amore!
Voce piena d’armonia e dice
Vivi ancora! Io son la vita!
Ne’ miei occhi è il tuo cielo!
Tu non sei sola!
Le lacrime tue io le raccolgo!
Io sto sul tuo cammino e ti sorreggo!
Sorridi e spera! Io son l’amore!
Tutto intorno è sangue e fango?
Io son divino! Io son l’oblio!
Io sono il dio che sovra il mondo
scendo da l’empireo, fa della terra un ciel! Ah!
Io son l’amore, io son l’amore, l’amore
E l’angelo si accosta, bacia,
e vi bacia la morte!
Corpo di moribonda è il corpo mio.
Prendilo dunque.
Io son già morta cosa!


My mother is dying
on the threshold of my bedroom’s door;
by her death she saved me!
Later, during the night, I was walking around with Bersi,
when suddenly
a gleam of light flashes
and brightens the dark path
in front of me!
I look!
My home was on fire!
Like this I became alone!
And around me there was nothing!
Hungry and misery!
The need, the danger!
I fell ill,
and Bersi, good and pure,
sold her beauty
to save me.
I carry misfortune to anyone who cares for me!
It was in the middle of that suffering
that love came to me!
A voice full of harmony said to me
yet live! I’m life!
In my eyes there’s your sky!
You’re not alone!
I’ll dry your tears!
I’m in your path and I help you!
Smile and wait! I’m the love!
All around you is blood and mud?
I am divine! I’m the forgotten one!
I’m the God that rules the world
I descend from the heavens and make from earth a sky! Ah!
I am love!  I am love, the love
And the angel approaches, kisses, and kisses you death!
My body is like body of a dead woman.
Then take it.
I’m already dead!


This one’s for you Sour Girl


From the era where people were less isolated and more connected, this one’s for u

Stone in Love – by Journey – 1981


[Verse 1]
Those crazy nights, I do remember in my youth
I do recall, those were the best times, most of all
In the heat with a blue jean girl
Burning love comes once in a lifetime
She found me singing by the rail road tracks
Took me home, we danced by the moonlight

Those summer nights are calling
Stone in love
Can’t help myself, I’m falling
Stone in love

[Verse 2]
Old dusty roads, led to the river
Running slow
She pulled me down, ooh, and in clover
We’d go around, yeah
In the heat with a blue jean girl
Burning love comes once in a lifetime
Oh, the memories never fade away
Golden girl, I’ll keep you forever

Those summer nights are calling
Stone in love
Can’t help myself, I’m falling
Stone in love

Someone has to like this….

I’m feeling lonely as hell lately and this Chaka song has been playing over and over in my head for days..  Will someone just bond with me over this already? Just say you like it too.  I can’t be the only one that has random songs pop into my head from the 80’s.  Lol


Small Blessing


So I’ve started reading the Bible again.   I’ve also started praying again.   I made a mental list of people with whom I am angry or resentful and that I need to forgive.   It’s odd because as I was making my list I came to the realization that I, am on said list.   How strange?  I have not been able to forgive myself.   In some ways it has proven more difficult to forgive myself than others.   However, I am going to stick with this and see it through until I forgive everyone.

Reading the Bible has been slow going.   It’s not like reading other material.   Questions often come up.  I don’t have anyone to bounce things off.  I wish I belonged to a Church.  I wish I was in a Bible study.   I feel like I am in a good place to do that right now.   It helps to feel connected in a faith community.   That is my next step, to find a Church in which to worship.

This liitle hymn popped into my head tonight.  What a pleasant surprise.   I haven’t heard this since I went to Catholic Mass years ago.   I’m not sure why it came to me?   I believe that everything happens for a reason.   It brought back a lot of fond memories.   The choir sings this particular hymn before the Gospel is read during Mass.    This hymn is one that is chosen during the observance of Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday (March 6th) and goes through til Easter Sunday in April.  On Ash Wednesday, parishioners come up to the alter and the priest rubs ashes on their forehead in the sign of the cross.  The ashes are made from burning the  palm leaves from the Palm Sunday Mass the previous year,  As the parishioners comes to the alter, the priest makes the cross on their forehead, and either says,” turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel,” or “’Remember that you are dust and to dust you will return.”  I always liked Ash Wednesday because it was an outward sign of my inward faith.   A time to focus inward, a time to fast in rememberance of the ultimate sacrifice the Lord Jesus Christ made for our sins

Perhaps this is a sign from God that I am on the right track with my choice to seek Him.  For me to turn away from a life of sin and be faithful to the Gospel.  It was such a blessing to hear this hymn in my mind.   I went ahead and searched for it on YouTube and sure enough I found it.   I am really looking forward to turning my life around for 2019.

Happy New Year WordPress peeps! ❤️

Missy Misdemeanor Elliot?

This grandma blew me away.

Rapping to Missy’s ‘Work It’

WTF! I hope I can kick it when I get this old 🤣



Level 42


I just heard this playing in a store at the mall, it took me right back.  Anyone else who remembers this?  🎵 🎵  🎵

Led Zeppelin



Blown away…….






Kyrie Eleison

Lord , have Mercy 


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