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Sign guy


Photo: mine

There is an unusual man in the town in which I live.    He stands at the town’s center with big ass signs which he creates on huge white poster board.   He proudly parades his work walking slowly along the side walk during rush hour traffic.   About every month he heads uptown donning his freshly crafted creation for all to see.

It is important to note that this town is an extremely left leaning, liberally based community…. as a whole.

In 2016, one sign he made spawned a 23 yr. old woman  and 23 yr. old man to physically assault him.  They were both subsequently arrested.

His signs certainly are shocking.  One of his signs read, “Caitlin Jenner ain’t no woman, boys ask your dads.”

Another read, “Bring back the bitchslap.

Yet another sign read,  “Feminist witches and soyboy bitches, lmao”

The Chief of Police said that he is protected under the 1st amendment to peacefully display his signs.   However,  the town’s local BID (Business Industrial District) asked business not to sell sign making materials to this man.

Our family stopped by to ask for the above photo with this man and he was happy to oblige.

His words may be shocking, rude, and vulgar.   That said,  I have come to admire sign guy for his authenticity, his courage to stand up and face an entire community who do not believe as he does.  Sign guy has brass balls.

Rock on Phil, keep making your signs baby.


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